What Is Beard Oil and How to Apply It

How to use Beard Oil:

Growing, Trimming and Caring for Your Beard – Do It Right!: A man’s face is as versatile as a woman’s, only the defining features vary. Where a woman can use make-up to highlight an area of her face that she wants emphasized, like her eyes, lips, or brows, a man does not have the luxury of doing the same without facing some slight social stigma. He must then resort to other methods of elevating his aesthetic. Facial hair can be included in your everyday grooming routine easily and is not that much of a hassle.

Ever seen a man with the perfect 5 o’ clock, and a smoulder in his eye? Or a man with a thick and tight full beard? Or even with a goatee for that matter? The images that you conjure up in your brain when you hear of men with facial hair are of dignified men of excellence. A beard can make or break a look – since facial hair take up more than 50% of the face, the beard or moustache (or beard and moustache combination) can be overwhelming to grow out. These styles only seem intimidating to recreate.

Men tend to care lesser about their hair and skin than they should. The myth that men have stronger or tougher skin and hair is improbable as this depends solely on genetic makeup and personal care. This article will show you the ins and outs of growing a beard, and caring for it right.

What it comes down to is the correct compartmentalization of the time it will take for you to go from one style of facial hair to another.

The History of Beards

Early man needed his beard to keep him warm. The animalistic Neanderthal let his beard grow out and used it as a mane to scare away animals and potential predators. In the evolutionary phase of man, beard hair helped to filter out the dust and dirt which would have accumulated in his mouth. Now, with no need for warmth or intimidation, men associate beards with machismo and style.


History of Beard


Lore led people in the earlier times to view persons with extremely long beards as wise beings – case in point, the legendary wizard Merlin.

The Mesopotamians were known to style their beards in curls, and perms, while the Assyrians allegedly coloured their beards black. Persian settlers were known by their distinctive orange beards.

In Greece, as is represented by the various sculptures of the era, beards were kept curled and left to hang. These long beards were only ever chopped off. This went on until the great king Alexander realized that his soldiers’ beards posed an occupational hazard while fighting, and he ordered them all to be cleanly shaven.

Romans also preferred using razors to shave their faces as early as 616 BCE. Even Princes and Kings of England sported big moustaches and ridiculous pompadours until, again, this was outlawed by William, the first. This is when the evolution of beard styles really blew up.

In the 1600’s an artist by the name Sir Anthony Vandyke invented the Vandyke beard, which included portraits of aristocratic men with pointy beards. This pushed on the use of wax to style beards, using a comb or brush to guide the hair.

Since then, beard styles have been popularized by iconic men in history. In modern times, movie stars and fashion icons dictate what is in and what is out.

So, as a man looking to grow a beard, pick out a few styles that you think will suit you. Keep in mind the shape of your face, jawline, nose and other features while choosing the best beard style for your face. A good way to check what beard would look best on you, pick celebrities that bear semblance to you. Check out the styles most worn by them and then make your decision – these are usually stylist approved and can hardly go wrong.

Beard Styles According to Face Shapes

Haircut for-face shape male

#1: Oblong or Rectangular Face Shape

Celebrities: Celebrities like Idris Elba, Ben Affleck, Tom Cruise, Jake Gyllenhaal are known to have oblong faces.


  • Longer face
  • Wide jaw
  • Squared chin

Beard Styles:

  • Mutton Chops around the cheeks 
  • Circle Beard and Horseshoe Moustache like Hulk Hogan 
  • Chin Curtain, descending downwards with an extended goatee 

#2: Oval Face Shape

Celebrities:Adam Levine, Ryan Gosling, Will Smith, Enrique Eglasias have oval faces, with tapering chins.


  • Wider Cheekbones
  • Narrow jaw
  • Rounded jawline

Beard Styles:

  • Goatee, kept cropped to the chin area only.
  • Lower Lip and Chinstrap which divide the face vertically
  • Full Circular Beard which is kept close to the neck
  • Extended Goatee, descending to the Adam’s apple

#3: Round Face Shape

Celebrities:Zach Effron, Justin Timberlake, Sebastian Stan, Leonardo DiCaprio have round faces.


  • Wider Jawline
  • Medium cheekbones
  • Short Chin

Beard Styles:

  • Soul Patch – i.e.

Video: The Man Company Beard Oil Growth Results | How to apply beard oil | Before and After

How to use Beard Oil
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