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30 Must-Try Medium Bob Hairstyles

Bob hairstylesare always cute, but there’s SO many options. If you’re looking to switch up your short style or want to completely transform your mane, we’ve got a list of 30 must-try that will drive you WILD.

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Soft A-Line Cut with Natural Highlights

This super sot a-line cut is great for the gal that craves a bit of overall dimension while still keeping length. The soft a-line frames and softens the safe, creating a youthful and perky finish that’s fresh- not too rigid or extreme. A bouncy look with lovely natural coloring that’s perfect for spring and summer.


Medium Bob HairstylesMedium Bob Hairstyles/

Loosely Curled Long Bob with Highlights

Everything about this look is beautiful, from the casual yet lovely loose curls to the stunning light brown highlights that accent her gorgeous dark brown roots magnificently. If you’re looking a style that’s coy and elegant all at once, consider this look. It’s easy with a curling iron and a bit of product!

Medium Bob HairstylesMedium Bob Hairstyles/

Asymmetrical Natural Blonde with Texture

Any hairstylist will tell you that anasymmetrical bobcan be done ‘wrong’, and one of those ways to do it wrong is to leave the bob completely straight with an ‘unfinished’ or ‘botched’ appearance. Make sure yourasymmetrical bobis looking fabulous and a little edgy with a touch of wavy texture and a rockin’ leather jacket to match.

Medium Bob HairstylesMedium Bob Hairstyles/

Platinum Blonde Beach Waves

Yup, you guessed it: this is the “IT” look for summer. Why? Because those glamorous beach curls are brought to life in the sunlight thanks to that tantalizing platinum blonde color. Pair it with your bikini and pair of cute jean shorts for a really alluring, summery appearance.

Medium Bob HairstylesMedium Bob Hairstyles/

Simple Blonde Graduated Bob

Okay, thegraduated bobis anything but ‘simple’. It’s trendy and bouncy and just overall fun, and there’s no reason NOT to love it. Even so, this is the graduated bob in its simplest form: with the back stacked ever so slightly and the front left long around the face. Perfect style for ALL women!

Medium Bob HairstylesMedium Bob Hairstyles/

Extreme A-line with Loose Waves

It’s the perfect look for that party Friday night. It’s the exact style you needed for prom. It’s undoubtedly one of the most sophisticated and downright sexy short bob hairstyles you’ve ever seen. It’s the extreme a-line haircut brought to utter perfection by use of loose, luxurious waves. Seriously, can’t get enough of this luscious style!

Medium Bob HairstylesMedium Bob Hairstyles/

Blunt Graduated Bob with Streaks

Okay, so bolder streaks like these tend to be a little bit early 2000’s; but that doesn’t mean they can’t STILL be rocked today! This lovely and bouncy style features a blunt graduated bob with just a TAD of stacking in the back for added volume. The blunt cut surrounds the face and gives it a glamorous look! Great for students.

Medium Bob HairstylesMedium Bob Hairstyles for Round Face Shape/

Platinum Blonde Graduated Bob with Teased Volume

When you tease your mane, you likely spend another 5 minutes trying to make it look neat and natural; but sometimes it’s best to just leave your teased hair exposed! This teased,platinum blonde graduated bobis funky and trendy and would do wonders at a party.

Medium Bob HairstylesMedium Bob Hairstyles/

Sleek Black and White A-line with Middle Part

Polished and clearly refined, this particular hairstyle is reserved for women who crave a modern and rigid look that’s downright sexy. Her locks are left black and white for a very modernized and sleek finish and the middle part works wonders on those with round faces and heart shape faces.

Medium Bob HairstylesMedium Bob Hairstyles/

Black and White A-line with Wave

Similar to the last hairstyle, this particular look features a platinum white upper half and accenting black underneath the chop. The a-line has just a hint of wave, which softens the overall appearance, making it a wonderful choice for older women.

Medium Bob HairstylesMedium Bob Hairstyles/ Via

Natural Graduated Bob

If casualness is in your criteria, we highly recommend this natural graduated bob. The layers aren’t crazy or extreme and they hang beautifully just below the jaw for a look that’s very flattering. We love the natural hair coloring as well. A wonderful everyday style.

Medium Bob HairstylesOmbre Short Haircut – Straight Bob Hairstyles/

A-line with Hint of Purple

We’ve said it once, we’ll say it again: purple is one of the hottest hair colors for 2019. But if you’re not looking to dye your locks to the extreme with vibrant purple coloring, consider this tantalizing and trendy idea of adding hints of purple to platinum roots. The end result? A very enticing a-line that turns heads.

Medium Bob HairstylesMedium Bob Hairstyles/

“LOB” with Curls and Hints of Red

Everything about this look is downright stunning and romantic. From the dark roots leading to hints of seductive deep red, to the lovely and simple curls that add a touch of elegance. This “LOB” (long bob) lets you keep your length while still rocking a short hairstyle. Pair this look with your finest attire for weddings or date night.

Medium Bob HairstylesRed Ombre Bob Hairstyles/ Via

Graduated Bob with a Trendy Flip

Talk about a super trendy makeover! She takes her lifeless, dull long locks and transforms them into bouncy and cute locks that look FAB! We love the bit of trendy flip she adds to hergraduated bob, giving it a boost of bounce that’s great for mature women.

Medium Bob HairstylesMedium Bob Hairstyles/

Graduated Bob with Funky Layers

You can’t go wrong with a funky layered graduated bob- especially if you’ve got a cute and funky personality to match! We love all the quirky layers, adding tons of texture and youthful bounce to her face. A great option forsquare faces and oval facesthat need to soften up.

Medium Bob HairstylesBlonde, Layered Bob Hairstyles/

Lightly Curled Bob

So ladylike, we are certainly in love with this simple yet lovely and classic style. Instead of leaving her basic bob sleek straight, she takes a curling iron to it and adds some wonderful delicate curls. The end result? A flawless finish that can be worn anywhere. Keep makeup to a minimum to let your natural beauty do the talking.

Medium Bob HairstylesBlonde WavyBob Hairstyles

Super Choppy Black and White Bob

Blunt layers are the BEST for girls in their teens and early twenties. The choppiness of this hairstyle adds a significant amount of edge, and paired with black and white coloring you’re in for an original and intense finish that takes the show.

Medium Bob HairstylesOmbre Bob Hairstyles/

Graduated Bob with Super Short Top Layers

First of all, the color. Wow. We’re in love. Gray hair is a top style trend for 2019! Secondly, the cut. Again, wow. Our mouths drop to the floor with this super polished and chic look! She starts with a sleek graduated bob and amps up her top half with some super short layers that add height and volume. LOVE it.

Medium Bob HairstylesAngled Straight Bob Hairstyles/

Classic Asymmetrical Bob

Looking for a cute hairstyle that’s edgy yet fab? Then you need to go with theclassic asymmetrical bob! Longer on one side and shorter on the other, the asymmetry creates a playful finish that’s great for younger women.

Medium Bob HairstylesAsymmetrical Bob Hairstyles/

Graduated Bob with Messy Waves

The easiest way to add some oomph to your locks is to add some messy waves! This look is great for spring and summer, featuring light blonde coloring and tons of bouncy and messy waves. LOVING this springtime favorite!

Medium Bob HairstylesMedium Bob Hairstyles/

Short Asymmetrical Cut with Loose Waves

For prom, for school, for a trip out with your gal pals- for ANYWHERE! This lovely haircut is brought to life with loose waves, of which are both classy AND adorable; the perfect combination! Start with a short asymmetrical cut and add loose waves throughout. Dress up or down. Done!

Medium Bob HairstylesJulianne Hough Bob Hairstyles/ Via

Long Bob with Flipped Back Bangs

If your need for length has halted you from sporting a bob, then this is a look to consider! This haircut barely skims by on the length chart to be considered a bob, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t- and that doesn’t mean we don’t adore it! She keeps

Medium Bob HairstylesMedium Bob Hairstyles/

Angled Bob

Loving this makeover! Here we see a lovely lady transforming her medium-length haircut into a GORGEOUS angled bob. It’s absolutely fabulous and a great idea for girls with oval faces that need some softness.

Medium Bob HairstylesCute Angled Bob Hairstyles/

Volumized Bob with Red Ombre

Ombre is a hot, hot, HOT hair trend right now, and this look only makes it HOTTER thanks to the intense red hair coloring. A tantalizing bright red cascades down to jet black tips, creating quite a shocking finish. She volumizes her bob with plenty of teasing for a seriously trendy, look-at-me ‘do.

Medium Bob HairstylesRed Ombre, Bob Hairstyles/

Volumized Graduated Bob

Don’t leave your bob hanging- give it some extra volume with teasing (especially around the face) for an awesome finish. It’s casual enough for work yet can easily be dazzled up for a night on the town with the ladies.

Medium Bob HairstylesMedium Bob Hairstyles/ Via

Stacked Bob with Tons of Short Layers

Take yourstacked bob haircutto the next level with TONS of crazy short layers in the back. Gives the hair some wild texture and a unique, edgy finish.

Stacked Bob CutStacked Bob Cut/

Straight Super-Voluminous Bob

So you want to make a sexy statement, hmm? Well we’ve got the look for you! This intense, look-at-me hairstyle is the one to use for the nightclub. With TONS of volume and a sleek straight finish, these locks quickly take the show.

Straight Bob Haircut with BangsStraight Bob Haircut with Bangs/

Messy Long Bob with Side Swept Bangs

Casual and fun, this messy long bob is an awesome choice for everyday use. It can seen on the schoolyard as well as poolside! The messy look gives this hairstyle just a touch of girly attitude while side swept bangs keep things soft and innocent.

Messy Curly BobMessy Curly Bob

Textured Long Bob with Fringe

Thislovely little bobis cut right above the shoulders to give it some bounce while straight-across fringe gives the look an adorable lift. We’re loving the added bit of texture for a stylish and cute look that’s perfect as an ‘everyday’ style!

Messy Bob with FringeMessy Bob with Fringe/ Via

Sultry Wavy Bob

Agorgeous balayage blonde colorand sultry waves makes THIS an alluring hairstyle you can easily wear anywhere (and still get attention from anyone in the room). Wear it to the beach with your cutest capris and sandals or rock this at the formal party with a glamorous dress and jewels to match.

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30 Must-Try Medium Bob Hairstyles
30 Must-Try Medium Bob Hairstyles images

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2019 year - 30 Must-Try Medium Bob Hairstyles pictures

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30 Must-Try Medium Bob Hairstyles picture
30 Must-Try Medium Bob Hairstyles pics

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